Early sunrise over Clark County Wetlands Park, Southern Nevada's unique biological, cultural, & educational resource (scroll down for more).

Water... in the desert?

Imagine an expansive, lush and green oasis in the southeastern corner of the Mojave Desert, just a few miles from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip. This is a place where over 200 million gallons of recycled water and runoff flow through the lowest part of the Las Vegas Valley each day. Known as the Las Vegas Wash, the water runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It travels an 8-mile path east towards Lake Mead, the vast reservoir serving the municipal, industrial and irrigation needs of more than 25 million Americans in the southwest.

Straddling the Wash is Clark County Wetlands Park. Created with four unique habitats, the 2,900-acre managed wild area provides diverse habitat for native plants and wildlife.

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Photo above: Early sunrise over Clark County Wetlands Park, Southern Nevada's unique biological, cultural, & educational resources.


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Two great blue herons keep an eye out for their next meal with the Las Vegas Strip's Stratosphere tower in the background.


A pelican prepares to land on the Las Vegas Wash. The Clark County Reclamation Facility, one of the Wash's sources for water, is seen in the distance.


Newly hatched hummingbird chicks wait patiently in their tiny nest for a parent to return. The nest is well camouflaged in a cottonwood tree from predators.


From a Park observation deck, visitors eagerly search for wildlife alongside Wash. The nearby Goodding's willow trees are amongst the oldest native trees in Clark County Wetlands Park.



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Wetlands Park Friends Events Calendar

Lake Las Vegas Small Business Expo

Lake Las Vegas Sports Club 101 Via Vin Santo, Henderson, NV

(click title to view) Friends will be on hand to meet community residents interested in knowing more about what the area has to offer on January 28 at 4:00 pm.…

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