The Blue Dasher

Wetlands Park Friends

The Blue Dasher Dragonfly (Pachydiplax longipennis) is often seen at Clark County Wetlands Park ponds from February to November. The dragonflies are very active medium-sized insects with stocky bodies that make their wings look long in comparison (“longipennis” means “long-winged”).

Mature males here in the Southwest are a “prunose” (powdery) blue, with white faces and striking teal green/blue eyes. Mature females have distinct rectangular buff marks on a dark background and white faces.  

Blue Dashers perch at the tips of erect slender plant stems like cattails and bulrushes, from near ground level to treetop height. From their perches, they fly up to capture small insects, often returning to the same perch to devour them.

When a Blue Dasher lands on its perch, it shifts its wings forward and down, looking for all the world as if the dragonfly is shrugging its shoulders! 

Photo credit: Pierre Deviche, Ph.D.,