Photos: Cyclists enjoy the thrills and 360-degree views on trails in the desert scrub habitat found on the Clark County Wetlands Park's North Loop Trail (left/above); over 20 miles of paved and unpaved trails meander throughout 2,900 acres just steps from the Las Vegas Strip (below).

"Wetlands Park Friends promotes conservation, awareness, and appreciation of Clark County Wetlands Park through its educational programs and activities."

Wetlands Park Friends Mission Statement

Wetlands Park Friends

Established October 2019 as a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, Wetlands Park Friends depends on funding from its members, donors, and government foundations to contribute to projects and activities that improve and enhance the Park experience. This is done in cooperation with Wetlands Park administration and staff.

Friends fund special projects, such as funding transportation for students within the Clark County School District who need financial assistance in order to attend Park educational programs; special events; guest lectures; and improvements to enhance the visitor experience.


Please help Wetlands Park Friends support Southern Nevada's unique biological, cultural and educational resource by becoming a member, and donate.

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