Celebrate Women’s History Month, Friends Style

DSC_2523 Linda Chris

Ms. Linda Wiltberger and Ms. Chris Leavitt (pictured left to right), founding Board Members of Wetlands Park Friends, have long histories with Clark County Wetlands Park.

Ms. Leavitt, who currently serves as Friends President, was instrumental in the formation and operations of the Park since its inception in the mid-1990’s. Upon her retirement from Park operations in the mid-2000’s, she has actively volunteered in Park programs and the archiving of its historical records.

With ties to Clark County Wetlands Park as both a program staff member and volunteer for over 20 years, Ms. Wiltberger served as Board Vice President for nearly four years, recently assuming the role of Secretary. In her new position, she assumes the traditional roles of Board Secretary and oversees grant development.

Kudos to two great ladies!!!